Using a boiler stove in the city - smoke controlled areas

The Clean Air act of 1956 effectively cleared our cities of the smogs that killed thousands of people and are a very successful piece of legislation. Most UK cities are designated as smokeless zones or smoke control areas. This means that only smokeless fuels may be burnt unless they are burnt on an 'approved appliance'. An approved appliance has been tested and confirmed to have low particulate emission levels. Part of the way in which this can be achieved by a wood stove is for the stove to have a very good air supply that cannot be completely closed. A slow burning or slumbering fire produces a lot of particulate emissions and so approved stoves will have an air supply that cannot be fully shut.

So far there is only one make of boiler stove that we know of that has been approved and this is the Dunsley Yorkshire woodburning boiler stove, and the Dunsley Yorkshire multifuel boiler stove, but more are sure to be approved in the future.