Type A: Simple installation - stove plumbed in as if it were a radiator - vented systems

This is one of the simplest ways of installing a boiler stove into a heating and hot water system.

Nowadays many people are looking to install a stove into an existing heating system, which is run by a gas or an oil fired boiler. If this is a vented system then incorporating a stove is relatively simple. If the system is unvented then there are only a few boiler stoves in the market that you can directly link to the system, but you might consider indirectly linking the systems (Type C and D).

boiler stove installation type A

In this example the boiler stove is plumbed in to a vented system as if it were a radiator. When the stove is going the gas boiler (shown in the kitchen) will only come on to top the system up to the required temperature if necessary. You may decide at times to switch off the gas or oil boiler entirely and rely solely on wood. The steam vent pipe is shown in green and the cold water feed to the system in blue.

An improvement on this system is to connect the heat loss radiator and hot water tank to the main loop and then use inejctor tees to form another loop to feed the other radiators. The radiator loop is run by a pump with a thermostatic switch. This method not only prioritises hot water but also ensures that the hot water tank is not overly cooled as a result of the radiators in the circuit taking all the heat.

The hot water system has not been marked on here for the sake of simplicity, but of course you could take hot water from a coil in the hot water tank as well as topping up the hot water via the conventional gas / oil combi boiler.

Please remember that this diagram is for illustration only - the actual pipe layout would be different and include possible other elements such cold water tank, pumps, etc.