Type B: Simple installation - priority to hot water - vented systems

This is a neat way of installing a boiler stove to give priority to hot water.
boiler stove installation type B

In the diagram one loop of pipe (in red) connects the stove boiler to a heat loss radiator and the hot water tank.

Another loop (in orange) is run from the boiler stove to the other radiators in the house. A thermostat monitors the temperature of the water returning from the hot water tank and automatically switches the pump on to heat the radiators on the orange loop when the temperature reaches, say, 60 degrees.

This prioritises hot water - only when the water in the hot water tank is hot does the pump come on to heat the radiators.
The steam vent pipe is shown in green and the cold water feed to the system in blue.

The hot water system has not been marked on here for the sake of simplicity, but of course you could take hot water from a coil in the hot water tank as well as topping up the hot water via a conventional gas / oil combi boiler.

The boiler in the kitchen could be linked in to this system if you so wanted, but again, for the sake of simplicity, we have not shown it as connected.

Please remember that this diagram is for illustration only - the actual pipe layout would be different and include other possible elements such as a cold water tank, pumps, etc.