Type C: Multicoil hot water tank - vented or unvented

This method lets you combine a boiler stove with other heat sources, as well as being a way of integrating a vented system with a pressurised system.

A multicoil hot water tank can let you easily connect a stove in to your hot water and heating system. If you have a pressurised system then the stove can be connected to a coil inside the tank and then run on it's own, very simple, vented circuit (this is not shown in the diagram). If you have a vented system then you might consider connecting the stove directly to the water in the tank and getting your hot water indirectly from one of the coiled pipes in the tank.

boiler stove installation type C

In this diagram the boiler stove is connected to the hot water tank (in red) as well as a conventional boiler shown in the bathroom (in yellow). Hot water for heating comes from the tank and is shown in orange, and domestic hot water is shown in purple.
The steam vent pipe is shown in green and the cold water feed to the system in blue.

Please remember that this diagram is for illustration only - the actual pipe layout would be different and possibly include other elements such as a heat loss radiator, cold water tank and pumps.