Linked systems and linkup

Many modern heating and hot water systems combine multiple heat sources. This allows you to take advantage of seasonal variations: for example in the summer solar panels can provide the majority of your hot water, whilst in the winter a boiler stove provides the hot water and heating.
linked heating systems, link-up

A linked heating system (also known as link-up) is one where multiple heat sources are combined. Linked systems can be very flexible and can allow you to take advantage of seasonal differences in available power. For example a linked system allows you to use solar thermal panels in the warm months to provide hot water (when you do not need your heating on), but then switch over to a wood boiler stove to provide heating and hot water in the colder months when solar radiation is less.

A linked system is also ideal if you want to reduce your gas or oil consumption as it allows you to link in (for example) a wood boiler stove. When the wood boiler stove is going your gas/oil boiler will have less work to do and consequently you will use less gas/oil.

Creating a linked system is what you have to do if you would like to retrofit a boiler stove to an exsiting heating system. You may choose a small capacity boiler stove to simply supplement the heat from your current boiler, or you might consider a high output boiler stove that can provide for all your heating and hot water needs when it is lit.

  • A linked system allows you to have several heating appliances all providing heat for your house as needed. For example you might want to have a stove with a boiler providing hot water and powering your radiators, with a condensing gas boiler to top up the heat if needed and to provide hot water in the summer.
  • A linked system can allow you to use solar panels to provide hot water in the summer months and then switch over to wood / gas combination when it get's colder.
  • A linked system gives you the added flexibility of a backup heating system - if your wood heating is not providing enough heat then the backup gas or oil boiler kicks in.
  • A linked system allows you to join a wood boiler stove in to an existing heating system.

We discuss two types of linked system on this site: Type 3 and Type 4 installations